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Minnesota Father Encourages D93 Families to Avoid Distracted Driving

Posted Date: 07/01/2021


Tom Goeltz is an expert on safety. In fact, he has been a safety professional and advocate most of his life. But nothing could have prepared him for the horrific crash that took his daughter away in 2016.

“Megan was our shining star,” said Tom Goeltz. “She was a cheerleader. She was a soccer player. She was a certified nursing assistant. First and foremost, she was a mother to our granddaughter.”

Tom has shared the story of how his daughter was killed in a distracted driving car crash hundreds of times. He says it never gets easier.

“I have a lot of anxiety, even before going on,” said Goeltz. “After, I’m pretty much a basket case.”
Reopening that emotional wound has to take a toll but it’s a price Tom is willing to pay if it stops one family from having to go through the heartache he has had to endure.

“If I can change one person at every presentation, that’s going to make the road safer for you and your family and everybody else on the road and I think that’s worth it,” said Goeltz.

Tom Goeltz was in town to speak with employees at Idahoan foods when it was suggested he share Megan’s story with D93. You can view his entire presentation from the BHS little theater at the link below.